Headquartered in Dubai since 1984, NEB is home to more than 500 architects, engineers and project managers in the UAE alone.

At NEB we call our core values the ‘Big Five’ – and they are: innovation, excellence, leadership, productivity, and accountability.

The firm’s expertise, experience and creativity has not gone unnoticed either, with , for instance, The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat ( CTBUH) ranking NEB as the sixth top consultant in the world. It stated that the construction of tall buildings requires collaboration between many companies and organizations, as well as the efforts of hundreds of people, but a few select firms have been responsible for more of the design and engineering achievements than any other – NEB was near the top list of these firms.

NEB has been a member (a Supporting Contributor, the highest level of membership) of the CTBUH since 2013, with its support helping to place the latest information from research and advance design practice into the hands of professionals throughout the world.

NEB has also climbed into the top 50 of the world’s biggest architects, according to this year’s WA100, BD’s international survey of the planet’s 100 largest practices. The firm, which is behind the second tallest tower in the UAE, Marina 101, ranked number 40 in 2019, up from 57 in 2017 and 1st largest Architectural Practice in the Middle East.

The firm has also been recognised by Acquisition International Magazine in its ‘The Best of the Best in Architecture’ awards for 2016. This publication has been holding these awards since 2010, highlighting the amazing work done by those forms and individuals whose ceaseless dedication to innovation, customer care and the continued growth and improvement of their businesses has seen them forge ahead of their competitors and raise the bar for performance and results in their industry.

NEB stands for National Engineering Bureau. The name National Engineering Bureau was originated in UAE and goes way back to 1984. Throughout the years, National Engineering Bureau has become a pioneer in delivering Architectural, Engineering, Supervision and Management solutions all over the region. National Engineering Bureau’s identity is made of:

Our people is our capital. Our projects are our assets. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far, and we are delighted to share with the public a historical selection of projects which we delivered and opted to display hereunder, (Track-Record).

Our Mission

NEB exists to offer simple solutions to the increasingly complex demands of modern society. The company provides high quality services and its main objective is to secure long-lasting connections with our clients.

Now, more than ever, there is a global desire to improve living conditions and contribute to mankind. At NEB we call our core values the ‘Big Five’ – and they are: innovation, excellence, leadership, productivity and accountability. These values are cast in stone on every development that has the NEB signature.

We strive each day to deliver top notch results through genuine partnerships — indeed, this is one of our biggest strengths. NEB works closely with business, community groups, government and nongovernmental organisations, with one common goal: to produce sustainable results.

The values which we share with our stakeholders are constant, and this is the key to accomplishing our mission. To this end, we have undertaken to maintain our commitment to the Big Five:

Our Vision

Within the perimeters of the built environment, NEB has undertaken to balance growth alongside sustainability. The company is seen as a rising pioneer with limitless ambitions, continuously emerging skill-sets and growing expertise. Our vision bridges every aspect of today’s business with the future, by identifying what we need to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

The three pillars of our vision are:

  • Inspirational impression: Creating a comfortable, people-focused environment where we are inspired, and where our partners feel a pulse of creative freedom
  • Quality deliverance: Bringing to the world a range of quality services that satisfy global needs
  • Productivity and profitability: Performing efficiently and maximising long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities
  • In harmony with our legacy and global mission, we encourage personal and professional growth through integrated development of the intellectual dimensions of each member of NEB and those we serve.


Throughout the years, it has been NEB’s ultimate intent to explore a range of avenues and supply lasting benefits. We look for challenging opportunities wherever there is an opportunity for us to shine.

Before proceeding to the company’s track record, here we share at a glance unique examples of NEB’s contribution in: Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and Business Bay – in Dubai, UAE.

NEB has made major contributions to these high profile areas and we are immensely proud of all we have achieved.

Corporate Responsibility

Deliver, and always stand accountable.


NEB adopts the quality, safety and environment policy. Clearly, while ensuring the safety of operations, health of the staff, and the respect of the environment, National Engineering Bureau shall strive continually to improve the quality performances by committing to:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction and confidence
  • Optimising various internal processes
  • Meeting the statutory and legal requirements
  • Contributing positively to the image of the company by implementing the quality improvement tools
  • Increasing the competence level of staff


  • Meet the delivery schedule on time
  • Upgrade the business process in the organisation
  • Adhere to all legal and statutory requirements
  • Achieve optimum market share
  • Implement quality improvement tools

Within both the public and the private business sectors, NEB scope of services
covers the following specialties:


By offering multi-dimensional engineering consultancy solutions to different types of developments, NEB’s menu of services has been diversified and covers a broad range of business segments. Plus, NEB’s extensive market base has enabled the company to realise profitable revenues and achieve planned growth goals. Over time, we have built our own networks within every business sector relating to our scope. We make every effort to ensure that our established networks and connections continue to expand and touch base with a wider range of businesses.