Our head office is based in UAE, and we deliver our experience to overseas destinations all over the Middle East, India and North Africa.

Our client is our partner. We value our partners and respect their faith in us. To this end, we have committed ourselves to pursue challenging opportunities wherever they exist and provide the region with simple solutions to the complex challenges ahead.

A consistent mentor and inspirational leader at the firm, Mr. Jamil believes in investing in his staff, nurturing new talent and continuous innovation. National Engineering Bureau now employs more than 450 talented Architects and Engineers and boasts a large portfolio of projects spanning across the Gulf countries, India, Tanzania and Turkmenistan.

Giving the history of National Engineering Bureau’s presence during the past recession and the current market volatility, one can be sure to assume that National Engineering Bureau will once again come out the other side. With continuous work coming through the door and more iconic projects to be completed within the coming years, it is looking strong and stable within the National Engineering Bureau offices; but as a token of reassurance, The Power List Most Influential Person in the Middle East has just appointed Mr. Jamil as number 2 for 2016, combine that with the huge 9 point surge in the Architecture Rankings to number 40 in the world, to top it up with Best consultant –Design Award by Forbes Middle East.

CEO’s Message

It has been a challenging decade for economies right around the world, and it is therefore not surprising that business leaders are more cautious than ever when working with engineering firms – no-one can afford to make a mistake when it comes to getting a project delivered.

Despite these testing times, NEB has striven to remain true to its core values and offer clients project management solutions rooted in solid experience, that aspire only to excellence. One thing we can promise, is that whatever the outside factors, NEB’s values will not change as the company continues to do business.

But as well as maintaining these long-held commitments, we are also focused on expanding our presence. We plan to bring NEB solutions to international destinations and be a positive force in any communities where difficult situations exist.

At NEB, innovation is the essence of what we do. Not content with merely following the crowd, our dedicated and creative team seeks new ways to assist our clients fulfil or exceed their goals.

The ultimate intent is to pursue opportunities that allow us to shine and add value to the industry as a whole.

Our aims are clear – to excel, to lead, and to pioneer.

Sincerely yours,
Jamil Jadallah Naji